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Farm to table is not just a phrase. It’s a motto we take quite literally,
providing simple, healthy, nourishing meals prepared by our in-house chef using fresh, seasonal, and home-grown produce picked fresh from our farm.

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Interested in holding an event at Heenat Salma? We’ve hosted weddings, conferences, work retreats, and countless other events for our community. We have you covered; simply fill out our event request form and we will contact you to set up the perfect event.

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  • Wellness Programme Membership

    Heenat Salma Farm is an extension of your home - as a member you are welcome anytime. We will make sure you are enjoying your time with us and accommodate your special requirements depending on your needs. Being a member means being part of the farm family. It becomes a comforting bubble where you can revive your senses, recharge your energy, and resetyour body and mind before you go back to your commitments. After regular visits you will feel that the natural equilibrium between your body and mind will be rebalanced without difficulty, as the nature of the farm does the work. The learning experiences will also enhance and deepen your knowledge in order for you to have access to daily methods and tools that will help you to handle your daily life. Our aim is to give you the keys to physical, mental, and emotional self-care

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