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مزرعة حينة سالمة

Algerian M'zab Valley Bedside Rugs - Set of 2

Algerian M'zab Valley Bedside Rugs - Set of 2

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Beautiful and unique handmade beside rugs from the region of M'zab valley in the South of Algeria. The rugs and made by Mozabites women.

 The Story

When the Ibadites settled in the M'zab Valley, they introduced three major activities to the region: palm cultivation, weaving, and the development of a unique built environment, addressing both community requirements and the particularly harsh climatic conditions in southern Algeria.

Weaving is a predominantly female activity among the Mozabites. These women weavers have turned this profession into a true mode of artistic expression. Independent and free, they have used weaving as a channel for their creativity and language.

Drawing from their imagination, and even from their imaginary world, as well as from an ancestral and varied repertoire, they created motifs inspired by local life and history. This rich and diverse production, with a certain aesthetic appeal, nevertheless met the needs of their community. Isn't this what we now call DESIGN?

The AZETTA loom is the main piece of furniture in their homes, imposing and structuring the living space of the house. Women take a break at the loom when other daily tasks allow.

The carpet is made from animal wool, a noble material transformed through several processing stages. This genuine craftsmanship is passed down from mother to daughter.



Dimensions: 153cm length x 88cm width 

set of 2

Price: 1,260 QAR

Care: Dry clean only.

Material: Cotton threads, sheep wool, natural dies.


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