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مزرعة حينة سالمة

ورشة التطريز اليدوي على المناديل القطنية

ورشة التطريز اليدوي على المناديل القطنية

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We use only natural and sustainable materials in our farm and we aim at reviving long forgotten skills of humankind. Cotton is among the oldest, healthiest and most used fabric materials in the world. It dates back at least 5000 BC. The art of embroidery is among the most ancient skills, which brought joy and  allowed our ancestors to express themselves.  

During this workshop you will learn how to work with cotton, use embroidery frame and express yourself on cotton via the power of needlework. 
This workshop will give you a feeling of satisfaction because you will go home with a napkin of an interesting design, which you will be able to use at home or present to someone as a rare handmade gift. 

Friday, Saturday,
4 PM – 6 PM 
Age group: 15 Years and above

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