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Charpai Traditional Bed

Charpai Traditional Bed

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As the charpai weaves itself into the fabric of familial traditions, it stands as a reminder of the beauty found in simplicity, the strength of family bonds, and the enduring legacy of craftsmanship.

Each charpai tells a story, not just of its construction but of the moments it has witnessed, the laughter it has echoed, and the quiet contemplations it has cradled.

Charpais are often founded into South Indian countries houses.


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In the heart of traditional households, the charpai bed stands as a testament to both craftsmanship and familial gatherings. This versatile and aesthetically pleasing object takes center stage during family reunions, where it is ceremoniously brought outside to create a cozy space for shared moments and conversations.

Residing predominantly in traditional homes, the charpai has become a rarity in contemporary settings. Its significance transcends mere functionality, becoming a symbol of cultural heritage and familial ties. Crafted from untreated and raw wood, some charpais are adorned with intricate paintings, showcasing the artisan's skill and regional inspiration.

The art of maintaining a charpai is a ritual passed down through generations. After years of use, the ropes that form its intricate weaving may need replacement. This task often falls into the capable hands of the grandfather, weaving not just ropes but memories into the very fabric of the charpai.

Beyond its role in familial gatherings, the charpai transforms into a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. Covered with a simple bed sheet and adorned with pillows, it becomes a comfortable spot for an afternoon siesta or a night's sleep. The design of the charpai, embracing the natural curves of the body, provides unparalleled comfort.

In moments of significant life events, the charpai takes on a sacred role. Traditionally, after childbirth, mothers and newborns find solace in its embrace, the bed molding itself to the contours of their tired bodies. This intimate space serves not only as a cradle for the newest family member but also as a haven for the women of the family during the crucial recovery period.

The feet and weaving of the charpai vary, reflecting the distinct styles influenced by the region and the artisan's creative inspiration.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: length 176cm x width 85cm x height 44cm

Price: 1,050 QAR

Material: Wood and cotton rope.

Wash the cotton ropes and wood feet gently with warm water and natural soap in case of a stain. Rub linseed oil or beeswax on the feet once a year.


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